The exceptionally valuable farmhouse is situated in the south-eastern part of the Bolevec square. It is an integral part of the former village´s historical core which, thanks to its urbanistic and cultural heritage qualities, was declared a national monument zone in 1995. It is a uniquely preserved location, which retains its distinctive character and intimate environment framed by silhouettes of the traditional rural chalets even though it was surrounded from three sides by modern panel houses in the 70´s and 80´s. Close proximity of the Bolevec ponds and extensive suburban forests, which are popular tourist destinations, further add to the attractiveness of this monument.

The sight consists of a large residential building with chamber and farm sections, cowsheds and stables adjacent to the southwest side of the courtyard, the brick-lined granary located on the east side and a massive barn in the south. Two large brick arched gates interrupt the outer walls on the north and the west sides. The buildings date mostly to the classical period. The farmhouse was first marked on the maps in 1781, however, its origins are doubtlessly older. The residential building has the year 1809 inscribed above the door. There are numerous wooden and stone elements inside the building, such as classic windows and doors with profiled frames. Two medieval portals in the basement suggest, that the farmhouse existed in late medieval period (Bolevec as the village had existed since long before that. The first written mention about it dates back to 1382). The overall layout of the farm and the design of the residential building´s farm section are also remarkable. On the contrary to the residential section of the building, the farm section has two floors – the vaulted ground floor and the first floor with a large chamber. All the buildings (especially the residential house) are visually exposed and their appearance completes the overall character of the location. The farmhouse has retained its character thanks to staying „alive“ throughout the entire period of its existence. Even when it ceased to serve its original purpose it continued to be used by the village residents as a backdrop and venue of many cultural and social events. In 2008 the farmhouse was, thanks to its undeniable cultural and historical qualities, declared the national cultural monument.

The current technical condition of the residential building is not perfect, yet stable. The roof structure and several supporting beams were repaired in the 90´s and the roof was covered with a provisional roofing. The balcony staircase was repaired at the same time. Ceilings, damaged by rainwater, were partially repaired in 2007 and a new provisional roofing was laid (cardboard). The vaults in the residential building farm section were repaired in 2010. The adaptation and reconstruction work initiated by NPÚ ÚOP in Pilsen in 2007 should continue under the supervision of ÚPS České Budějovice. It includes the full project documentation, the completed repairs of granary, cowshed, sheds and the barnhouse roofs, reconstruction of the fruit garden walls, the barn gate and both entry gates to the farmstead, roof repairs of the residential building and the construction of the new operating barn in the fruit garden.

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